This is a collection of some of my personal projects. For my academic work, please see my CV.


  • I am currently building my tiny home inside a retired news crew van.
  • I have been to 26 countries so far! I’ve done 3 major bicycle tours (from Seattle to San Francisco, around Taiwan, and around New Zealand).
  • I’ve hitchhiked over 10,000 miles in the US, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.

Volunteering, Activism, Organizing

  • I organized and led a protest against Congress’s plans to end the Internet’s decentralized nature. Downtown Seattle, December 2014.
  • I spent a month and a half volunteering full-time on Mota Lava, Vanuatu. I was helping communities be more resilient by teaching them to make virgin coconut oil and facilitating business deals. I gave various lectures at the local school and helped get paint for the local church.
  • I’ve volunteered on various organic farms and intentional communities, including the Awaawaroa Bay Eco Village and Wilderland Trust, and various other WWOOF and HelpX hosts.
  • I was a full-time volunteer for a community science project monitorizing how the worlds largest LPG processing center would affect the world’s largest Humpack whale calving area near James Price Point, Australia.
  • I’ve been part of the Couchsurfing community since 2011 (profile).
  • I have been a Wikipedia editor since 2008 (profile).

Talks and Interviews


  • I was Artist in Residence at the Sir James Wallace Arts Trust for a few months in 2015. A selection of my works are in circulation around public spaces in New Zealand.


  • Home server - I am proud of my home server. I built it myself and run the following services: wallabag, owncloud, bittorrent, ZeroNet, IPFS, and Tor node.
  • Mobile library - I converted a Raspberry Pi into an awesome mobile filesharing mesh network.