Hi! I am a data scientist trying to use artifical intelligence for social good. Dream jobs would involve averting existential threats and empowering people: deep learning for carbon sequestion, pedagocial chatbots, medical forecasting, improving internet privacy and decentralization, and accelerating scientific discovery.

I've worked as a research assistant at UW Dept of Physiology and Biophysics, UW Dept of Genomic Sciences, Carnegie Mellon Dept of Biological Sciences, and New College of Florida Dept of Natural Sciences. My scientific research has been published in various peer-reviewed journals. For more information, see my CV page.

I've also worked a bunch of non-academic jobs. I was an artist and residence for Sir James Wallace of the Wallace Arts Trust. I'm also starting my own business (details to follow)!

I'm addicted to travelling– I've been to 26 countries so far! I also love learning, teaching, sharing, and creating.

The projects page is where I list some of my personal projects. For academic projects, see here.

I was born and raised in Florida, USA. In 2017, I started building my tiny home, complete with a full kitchen and 300W solar array. It is still a work in progress.


You can email me (GPG key E1B269BE). I love meeting new people so don't hesitate to send a message!

You can also send me a quick message using the form below: